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About 11-11

11-11 is a fun puzzle piece matching game. Use the hint pieces to arrange them on the board, match them together so you can erase them and score points in rows.

In the game you will play 11-11 on an 11x11 board, giving you a total of 121 currently unfilled board spaces to choose from. The board will be in the middle of the room. There will be blocks of various colors and shapes, some of which include orange, green, blue, and yellow, among others. These blocks will be arranged in a grid. In addition to blocks formed in an L shape, there are also square blocks measuring 2 x 2. You need to place the blocks on the board so that they are in the appropriate areas. It seems a lot like an earlier version of a modern puzzle game that's quite popular these days. The difficulty you encounter can be summed up in that you will not be able to change the shape of the blocks in any way, shape or form.

The central strategy of the 11-11 scoring format

The game will give you the opportunity to arrange three blocks in a row at every conceivable point, and you should take advantage of this. You just need to rearrange the blocks on the game board so that they are in the area you want, and the points associated with those locations will be automatically awarded to you.

For example, if you can rearrange the letter L to the length of four tiles, you will be awarded the maximum number of points available, which is four. You will be awarded more points if you successfully complete a larger number of squares. On the scoreboard we use, information will always be displayed as recent as possible. Additionally, you will likely receive the highest score total achievable.

The next step is to use the mouse to reposition the block so that it is in the exact position you want. Instructions for creating 11 closed cells that can be arranged vertically or horizontally depending on personal preference. This will result in that row being destroyed and you will then have more positions to choose from when sorting the spaces that follow that row in the string. Since the shape of the block cannot be changed, the blocks will always have an uneven shape. Are you ready to face a really difficult exam?

How to play

Use your mouse to play, click and drag the puzzle pieces.