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Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble Information

Bubble Trouble is a good game. Control a character equipped with a harpoon and blast bubbles that burst into smaller bubbles until they disappear completely.

This is a fast-paced single-player game that requires accuracy and quick reflexes. You start with three lives, represented by the heart. Avoid letting the bubble touch your character, as it will deduct one life. Reaching zero lives means starting from scratch.

The main tool for blowing bubbles is a javelin controlled by your character. Aim by using arrow keys or mouse to direct the trajectory of the harpoon. When the javelin hits the bubble, it splits into two smaller bubbles. Keep shooting bubbles until they disappear completely. Be careful not to touch the bubbles, as they can bounce around the screen and cost you your life if they come into contact with your character.

Progress through the Levels

Each level presents a different arrangement of bubbles of different sizes and styles. As you progress, the difficulty increases, testing your timing and accuracy skills.


Keep track of your score as it reflects your performance in each level. Pop bubbles effectively to get a high score.

Level indicator

The game shows what level you are currently at, pushing you further.

Some tips when playing

  • Predict bubble movement: Observe the bubble's trajectory after each javelin shot. Predict their path to optimally position yourself and avoid accidental collisions.
  • Focus on effectively blowing bubbles: Prioritize bursting larger bubbles before they split into smaller ones. This approach will help you clear the screen faster and avoid overload situations.

Power-ups and bonuses

Bubble Trouble has various bonuses and power-ups to aid you in your bubble burst efforts. Keep an eye out for special bubbles that get you extra lives. This can be very important in challenging levels. Occasionally, buffs appear, offering benefits such as faster firing or larger javelins. Use them strategically to gain an advantage during tough times.

Game control

  • Press SPACE to fire your gun.
  • Use arrow keys to navigate.
  • Stay away and burst the bubble.