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Scar is an entertaining game where the goal is to be the only player left alive. The battle takes place on several small islands inhabited by actual players. Are you ready to take part in one of the most exciting first-person shooter games ever created? The game belongs to the Battle Royale genre, which is a variant of the popular online multiplayer battle royale game known as PUBG. PUBG is an acronym for "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." The visuals are quite impressive and the gameplay is capable of eliciting many favorable feelings. The management is extremely simple and you can handle it in a very short period of time. After just a few minutes, you will easily wipe out the enemy completely.

Complete your quest in the game Scar

You will engage in combat with your enemies on an uninhabited island. This is a great online multiplayer game and you will face competition from gamers from all over the world. Your biggest bet to win is to arm yourself with the most powerful weapons you can discover in the area.

While battling other players for your own survival, you'll be tasked with plundering the environment for resources like firearms, armor, and first aid kits. You will also be competing directly with other players.

In addition to cars, off-road vehicles, motorcycles and boats, the city provides residents with access to a variety of other modes of transportation. It will be much easier for them to navigate the map, explore many hilly areas and go to fascinating places. However, to be safe while driving, you need to keep an eye out for any threats coming from any direction. In this thrilling action game, you will be tasked with proving why you should be at the top of the leaderboard.

Choose a weapon and take action

Try to make the most of your stealth in this action-packed battle royale game. If you rush and try to hit the target from all angles, you will not be able to top the leaderboard. Determine which available weapons best suit your playing style.

Character customization

In the menu, you have the option to customize the character by choosing different costumes and masks, and most importantly, this is the main weapon. And perhaps the most fascinating thing about you is that you can dance. Just pressing a button gets the job done; However, you should not push it too fast or your opponent will easily take advantage of your action.

How to control

  • Use mouse to play, click to shoot.
  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Scroll = Spacebar
  • Parkour - E changed roles - DRAW
  • Cover = Q
  • Deployment = WOOD
  • Melee = F
  • Reload = CHEAP
  • Weapon Switch - Scroll or 1