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GP Moto Racing 2

Game Info

GP Moto Racing 2 is a heart-pounding motocross racing game that offers a virtual track experience for all racing enthusiasts. Try to win the car races.

The game offers a range of powerful and customizable motorcycles for you to choose from. Each bike comes with distinct attributes, such as speed, acceleration, and handling. As a player, you must carefully evaluate your racing style and preferences to choose the perfect ride to suit your playstyle.

Master the races

The game offers a wide selection of challenging tracks set in a beautiful virtual setting. From city loops to winding country roads, each track requires different skills and strategies. Players can practice and learn the tracks to gain an advantage over their opponents, master the art of cornering, overtaking and maintaining optimal tracks.

Your duties

You must choose your in-game name before you can choose a motorcycle for you to ride. Not all will be accessible. To buy a new bike, you have to win competitions. There will be ten separate tracks in the race, try to win using all your abilities.

Join the competition with all players around the world

The game thrives on intense multiplayer mode, where players from around the world can compete head-to-head in real-time races. Take part in thrilling competitions and climb the global leaderboards to prove your worth as the ultimate Moto racing champion.

Guide to play GP Moto Racing 2

To control the motorcycle, use the arrow keys. Press the spacebar, apply the emergency brake, then use the accelerator to smoothly round the appropriate bend. Drivers will swoop in from behind the wheel if you stop suddenly and swerve off the road, so be careful or you risk losing your head.