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Like A King

About Like A King

Like A King is a fascinating game. The game combines the genres of strategy, simulation and adventure. Join and roleplay and reclaim your throne.

As king, it is your responsibility to engage in combat with other kings by choosing and combining armies from a collection of cards. On the battlefield, each individual card represents a separate unit that the player can deploy. Some of them will attack enemy troops, while others will mine for money or even set traps for the hostile units they will encounter. To become the only true king, you must first complete quests, then build a powerful deck, and most importantly, plan your moves carefully.

It is a revolutionary game that redefines the game landscape by combining the best elements of various genres. Players take on the role of a leader, tasked with establishing and expanding their kingdom from scratch. Now you have to prove to all your people and by the way, also the enemies, that you are the most qualified challenger to the throne and can restore order and prosperity to your kingdom to Win the competition for the crown.

Gold mining will allow you to get everything else in exchange for your gold, including furniture, food, and weapons. Using goods obtained through trading and selling, it is possible to build defensive towers, manufacture weapons and even recruit new warriors. All these operations can be done using the proceeds from the sale and trade.

How to play

To complete the joystick operations in the game, you will need to use the Mouse. Your goal is to achieve victory by destroying the fortress held by your opponent.