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Trap The Cat

About Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a fun strategy game. The game will test your intelligence and cunning as you have to set goals, analyze enemies to overcome your opponents.

This is an engaging strategy game that pits players against an elusive cat foe. You need to get past the cat player and complete your mission before it escapes. This challenging game guarantees hours of fun and leaves you unable to sit still.

Game mechanics

Click the circles to build obstacles. It can be a challenge to catch the cat. The cat will always find a way to pass if you build too close, so it's best to start away from it. After finding it and creating a fairly large closed perimeter, you have to fill it with circles until the cat can't jump anymore. Now you have called the cat and the game is over.

Use skills to complete goals

To win the cat trap game, you have to catch as many cats as you can without letting them escape. If a cat reaches the last spot you haven't covered, it will escape and you will lose. Allow the cat's character to shine on the pentagonal zones. Squeeze the areas around the cat until they turn completely black. Try to keep the cat in the designated area. You win the game if you catch the cat successfully.

How to play Trap The Cat?

To join the game you need to use your mouse, analyze and come up with a strategy before touching.