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Crazy Parking

Crazy Parking is a simple 2D online parking game for fun. You control your car and move into the right position, complete the different levels.

Play Crazy Parking

Ever get tired of playing the usual parking game where you have to maneuver your car into a crowded parking lot by driving back and forth through space without stopping? If that's the case, you should go for the Crazy Parking game. If you are looking for a traditional parking game with a little bit of novelty, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Be sure to avoid touching anything at all times, as this is the most important safety precaution. Make your choice among available vehicles, then drive into the parking lot with as little effort as possible. To adjust the height of the jump, simply move the arrow placed above your vehicle to the required height, then select the appropriate angle for your vehicle to land.

You can improve your impact, armor and gas by smashing other cars and successfully parking your car in the garage. As a result, you will be rewarded with coins, which can then be used to purchase other features. Once you've saved enough money, you can also choose to buy a car of a different make and model. Time for you to go into your building's parking lot?

How to control

Use WASD keys or arrow keys to control your car.