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Mobil Bluegon

About Mobil Bluegon

Mobil Bluegon is a game with beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay. Drive your car to the finish line through different levels with your skills. Players are impressed by the game's beautiful and engaging visuals and awe-inspiring new vehicle controls. A brand new track that uses some beautiful purple blocks. Get the player excited about giving it away instantly. Will the upcoming challenge, with its changing visuals and different paths, be difficult to complete? Try it out and have fun with it!

How the game works?

There are many twists and turns throughout your route, you will take your vehicle on unfamiliar routes. And yet another challenge is that the time available will be measured and limited. The first level of the game is not very difficult and its purpose is to help players practice with new vehicles. However, starting at level 2, the difficulty level increases with the stacked blocks being quite high.

Give your vehicle some time to acclimate to the new terrain. You can practice more if you are not completely comfortable with the material. Climbing or soaring in the air requires high skill to be successful in this game. You should try to practice patience because if you are reckless, your car will explode to pieces and you will have to start the process all over again.

In addition, just fall is also an impressive and interesting game that you can play directly on our website. An attractive suggestion if you want to refer to some games with similar interesting gameplay. Have a great time relaxing and don't forget to invite your friends to join!

Driving instructions

  • You need to use mouse or keyboard to play this game.
  • To drive forward use W, D, X, Up Arrow, Right Arrow keys.
  • To steer backwards- use the S, A, Z, Down Arrow, Left Arrow keys.