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Curve Ball 3D

About Curve Ball 3D

Curve Ball 3D is a ball game that gives you a fun experience. Compete with opponents and become the player with the highest score through the levels.

It is a fun and innovative take on the classic Pong game, giving players a vivid 3D experience with unique ball movement and challenging gameplay. By mastering the art of bending the ball and using power wisely, you can dominate the playing field and outmaneuver your opponents. So enter the 3D world of Curve Ball 3D and test your skills in this fun and addictive game.


The main goal of Curve Ball 3D is to outlast your opponent and score points by hitting the ball through their paddle. Unlike traditional Pong, Curve Ball 3D adds a new element, as the ball moves in three-dimensional space, creating a dynamic and unpredictable playing field. Move your paddle slightly before making contact with the ball to add spin to your shot. However, be careful as it will also reflect badly on you.

Game control

Controlling your paddle in Curve Ball 3D is simple and intuitive. If you are playing on the computer, use the mouse to move the paddle left or right along the wall. For mobile devices, you can slide your finger along the screen to control the paddle's movement. The challenge lies in predicting the ball's curved trajectory and reacting quickly to defend your goal.

Gameplay and Strategy - Curved ball mechanics

The defining feature of Curve Ball 3D is its unique ball movement. When you hit the ball with your paddle, it creates a curve, causing it to rotate in unwanted directions. This curvature adds an interesting layer of strategy, as you can use it to your advantage to surprise your opponents and score points.

Power-ups and Obstacles

Throughout the game, you will encounter many power-ups and obstacles floating in the 3D arena. Some power-ups can increase the size of your paddle, making it easier for you to hit the ball, while others can speed up the movement of the ball, testing your reflexes. Be cautious, however, as some obstacles can impede your play, narrow your paddle, or slow down the ball.