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About Hangman

Hangman helps you practice spelling English vocabulary effectively. Guess the letters in the secret word to solve puzzles and explore various themes and levels.

The way the game works is that one player will suggest a word and the other player will try to figure out what the word is. Each correctly predicted letter will be placed in each position in the word in which it appears. Each wrongly predicted letter is recorded for future use and a line is drawn in the shape of a gallows. The game ends when the correct word is guessed or when the stickman hangs.

Players in the digitally played Hangman game are presented with a sequence of blanks representing the letters of the secret word. The next step for them is to guess each letter individually until they guess the right word or phrase. Each wrong guess adds a new element to the hangman's drawing, which increases the pressure to guess the word correctly before the hangman completes the sketch.

How to play

Choose each letter in turn to see if you can predict the word or phrase that will be revealed. The use of the mouse is required to play the game.

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