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Penguin Wars

About Penguin Wars

Penguin Wars is a fun role-playing game. You will play as a cute penguin and join the competition for his territory by using guns to shoot at your opponents.

Penguins are trying to control themselves and conquer Antarctica. You can do this by forcing other penguins to leave their ice and follow you. You need to get through all the sections using nothing more than a bazooka filled with snowballs and your understanding of how to properly lay out your shots.

Gaining influence over enemy-held land requires you to command your army of penguins. You need to defeat every rival penguin in a fierce battle to advance further in the game. With your cannon, shoot those snowballs at your opponents to knock them down or harm them until they are forced to give up the battle.

How to do the quest?

In the ice field, there are two different groups of penguins living there and they start to compete with each other using weapons to attack. They intend to deploy a variety of weapons to push their opponents into the frozen waters of the ocean and accomplish their goals. Change the game's visual quality by going to the 'Details' section in the settings menu once the game has finished loading. By selecting "HIGH", you can achieve this. From the menu that opens, select the type of game you want to play.

If you want to play this game alone use the 'NEW CAMPAIGN' section and if you want to play with others use the '2 PLAYER GAMES' area. Now you are ready to start the game. After selecting your weapon of choice and targeting, hit the 'FIRE' button! Keep doing this until you beat all your opponents.

Specific controls

To play, use your mouse or press and hold the 'Drag' bar at the top left of the screen while clicking and dragging it.