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Angry Birds

Game information

Angry Birds is an interesting and familiar game. Your task in this game is to use the support of birds to shoot down the blue pigs in front. Aim precisely.

This is a physics-based puzzle game in which you throw colorful birds to topple structures and eliminate pesky green pigs. Learn about the core mechanics of birdshots, understand their unique abilities, and the importance of angle and trajectory in your shots. You are in charge of a slingshot and your task is to find the angle and force needed to shoot your birdshot with great accuracy. The game's complexity increases as you progress through the levels, requiring greater precision and a better grasp of the game's mechanics to complete each level. Your bird-throwing ability will need to be fine-tuned if you want to solve these pig-related puzzles, as pigs will create more complex structures.

Navigate through levels

The game is divided into many different levels with many different challenges. Discover how to progress from one level to the next, unlock new birds and earn stars to show off your abilities. In Angry Birds, you can collect power-ups to give your bird additional abilities. Learn when to use these powers effectively and how they can make a big difference in challenging levels.

Identifying characteristics of each bird species

Each bird has a unique power that you can use strategically to your advantage. We'll break down the abilities of the classic Red, the explosive black, the speedy yellow, and the rest of the flock to help you choose the best bird for each situation. Specifically:

  • Red: Despite being the unofficial leader of the pack, Red has no unique skills of his own. Versatility is his greatest asset, and it is this trait that makes him the ideal candidate for challenging shots that require absolute precision.
  • Chuck: Because of his exceptional speed, Chuck is the ideal bird to use in situations where you need to hit with both speed and accuracy. Because he can accelerate while in the air, he is a very dangerous weapon in time-critical situations.
  • The Blues: When they are harnessed, these bluebirds have the remarkable ability to divide themselves into three small birds. This fragmentation can be a game changer because it gives you the ability to attack multiple targets at once.
  • Bomb: It lives up to its nickname and has the ability to explode on demand. Because of his explosive power, he's a great choice for challenging levels featuring well-guarded pigs and challenging barriers.
  • Matilda: Matilda's egg-laying ability allows her to release explosive eggs mid-flight, which when detonated will cause significant damage to the area around Matilda. Matilda's ability is called "egg-laying".
  • Hal: The bird named Hal has the shape of a boomerang and has the ability to fly backwards after being launched. With this skill, you can sneak up behind enemies and attack them from behind, taking them by surprise.
  • Terence: This is a heavy bird with terrible destructive power. Terence's name comes from the word "Terence". Although he moves slowly, when he attacks, he hits quite hard.

How to shoot in the game

  • Left-clicking will select the item.
  • To drag, left click and hold the mouse button.​