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Avatar Make Up

About Avatar Make Up

Avatar Make Up needs you to help the girls with beautiful makeup to attend the premiere of the famous movie called Avatar. Are you confident in your abilities?

Playing this game will help you take your abilities to the next level. Tonight, Olivia, Rose and Ashley will be attending the premiere of the latest Avatar movie, and they want their makeup to be influenced by the overall atmosphere of the movie. Participating in a game for young women gives you the chance to lend a hand with the characters as they go through the molting process. Are you ready to visit the planet Pandora in a chic style and more suitable for a girl? Then you should move on to the girls game called "Avatar Makeup" and get ready to create the perfect makeup for our lovely avatars.

You'll have access to hundreds of different cosmetics in this entertaining game designed specifically for young women, from traditional lipsticks to crazy glittery eyeshadows. You can express your personality and creativity by designing your own avatar with this game. Rosa requested a complete transformation for her eyes, so you should pay special attention to highlighting the blue in her eyes by using blue tones, shimmers and fancy mascaras. your likes.

You can then complete her look by painting her lips a blue or purple shade and pairing with some fun jewelry. Are you excited to try the latest bold makeup look? The next model to walk the runway is Olivia, and it's your responsibility to give her a complete look on her face and neck before she steps out. Make your selections for her eyeshadow and lipstick, then focus on creating an elegant look for her face.

How to play

You can use the mouse to join the game, click on the hint icons to make up according to your eyes.