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Bad Egg

About Bad Egg

Bad Egg takes you into the egg's world of intense action and combat. Join the mission against zombie chickens that are attacking you from all sides.

The same team of developers responsible for the arcade action game Shell Shockers also worked on the development of Bad Egg. You will find yourself immersed in a strange post-apocalyptic environment while playing this game, in which you will play as a nefarious egg tasked with fighting off an army of zombie chickens. You need to go to an abandoned farm because this is where, according to the earliest available evidence, a strange virus began to spread. This infection has turned ordinary chickens into man-eating monsters. Maybe some enemies you kill will leave golden eggs. You will need these eggs to level up and add additional abilities to your character, both of which will increase your chances of survival. Fight your way through waves of increasingly difficult creatures as you gain power-ups along the way.

Destroy all surrounding enemies

Keep moving around the map and make sure you keep a safe distance between yourself and your opponents so you don't get cornered in the arena. After all, if you take too much damage, your shell may not survive and it may break into many pieces as a result. For this reason, the best course of action to take to avoid being turned into an omelette is to keep a safe distance from the scene.

Make good use of the resources you've accumulated so you can purchase a variety of power-ups that, among other things, will increase your movement speed, defense, and fire rate. You will soon have the opportunity to get more powerful weapons, which will make the game more engaging and interesting for you to play. To climb to the top of the scoreboard you will need to unlock additional characters, each of them with their own personality, explore innovative landscapes and set remarkable records.

Upgrade your eggs

Collect eggs and use them to enhance yourself to make yourself stronger. Wait until the helicopter comes to pick you up. Get on the helicopter now, otherwise you'll get a lump. Try your best to top the scoreboard!

How to play Bad Eggs

  • Move with arrow keys or WASD.
  • Left clicking means you can choose another enhancement.