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Battleship 2 Player

About Battleship 2 Player

Battleship 2 Player is a simple game that can be played by 2 players. Guess where your opponent has placed their ship and touch the tiles on the board.

Rules of the game

  • The boat is first placed on the net by one of the players, then the other player does the same.
  • By taking turns, both sides were asked to speculate on the enemy ship's position.
  • The first player to successfully sink all of the opponent's ships wins the game.

You have the option of playing against the computer or against other people. If you want the game to be more fun and legit, you should try not to see where your friends have located the ships. Arrange ships on a grid, then attack your opponent's naval space to try to sink all of their ships. Enjoy playing this online two-player game, also known as "Sea Battle", "Sink Ships" and "Mugwump".

You can compete against other players from around the world in this thrilling two-player online version, or you can simply play against the computer for fun. If you succeed in hitting the square with your shot, you'll know where to aim your next shot.

How to play

Use your mouse and click on the boxes above.