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Description is a fun online game. The winner will be the last player remaining after all of their opponents have been pushed to the edge of the playing area.

Join the game not only against friends but also against other players from all over the world. is a game of strategy as well as sheer talent. You can gain an advantage in the game by placing yourself strategically and avoiding an upcoming collision as effectively as possible by rushing into your opponent.

Your mission in the game

In the game, you control a bouncing ball by moving it with the arrow keys and making yourself heavier by pressing the X button. The game allows up to eight players to face off against each other at the same time. at the time. It is necessary to first increase the speed to deliver a significant blow to the opponent, and then press the button just before the impact of the blow. This is due to the fact that increased body mass leads to increased momentum, which in turn leads to increased distance traveled by your opponent after colliding with you.

Game controls

You can move around using the arrow keys, pressing and holding the X key will make you heavier.