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Carrom Clash

Game information

Carrom Clash is a battle between two players on a square gaming table. Both players aim to put the corresponding colored coins in their designated pockets.

To ensure victory in Carrom Clash, you need to put all your money in your pocket before your opponent does. Each successful pocket earns you points, and your turn continues as long as you score or avoid fouls. Be aware, a foul will end your turn, giving your opponent a chance. The first player to reach the target score wins, maintaining the thrill of the competition. To win, you must strategize, score effectively, and outsmart your opponents.

A unique feature of Carrom Clash is continuing your turn after scoring a goal. This adds an extra layer of strategy, allowing skilled players to take advantage of their momentum. Effectively planning your moves and consistently exploiting turns could be the key to success in this digital carrom showdown.

How to play

You can use the mouse to participate in the game.

Explore Carrom Clash game modes

The game offers diverse game modes, each offering its own challenges and goals. Understanding the nuances of these modes can enhance your gameplay and provide a varied gaming experience.

  • In Disc Pool mode, the goal is to win all the coins before your opponents. Maintain precision and speed to ensure victory. Be careful - missed shots or fouls will end your turn abruptly, giving your opponent the opportunity to gain an advantage.
  • Carrom Mode follows a similar premise, but with a strategic twist. To win, you must hit the red ball before the final turn, which requires quick and calculated moves. This variation introduces an extra layer of complexity, testing your strategic thinking under time pressure.
  • Free mode assigns points to each ball and the first player to reach the target number will be the winner. Balancing attack and defense becomes important in this mode, as every shot contributes to your total score. Adjust your strategy to accumulate points strategically and surpass your opponents.

If you succeed in defeating the computer, you can spend the money you earn to buy more attacks and kicks. These are fun additions that will help you play better and win faster, while also making your experience more enjoyable. Be sure to stay tuned, as there will be more to come!