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About Checkers

Checkers is a game that challenges your thinking in the world of checkers, it belongs to the classic game. Come up with your strategy to win this game.

Are you ready to master the classic game of checkers? This age-old board game, also known as Drafts in some parts of the world, is a test of strategy, planning and tactical prowess. Come up with the essential strategy you need to become a Checkers champion.

Rules of checkers

  • Chessboard: A standard chessboard consists of 64 squares arranged in an 8x8 grid. Place the board between you and your opponent so that each player has a dark square to their right.
  • Chess Pieces: Each player starts with 12 chess pieces, usually represented as a circular disc. One player has dark pieces (usually black) and the other has light pieces (usually white).
  • Position: Place your pieces on the dark squares of the three rows closest to you. Your opponents do the same on their side.

Now that the board is set up, it's time to understand the basic rules of movement and capture.

Basic game rules

In Checkers, players take turns moving their pieces diagonally forward, one square at a time. Here are the basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Normal moves: Pieces can only move diagonally forward (towards the opponent) to an adjacent empty square. A player may not move his piece back unless that piece becomes a king.
  • Capture your opponent's piece: To capture your opponent's piece, your piece must jump diagonally over it, landing on an empty square directly behind that piece. You can take multiple shots in one turn if they are available on a consecutive diagonal.
  • King: When a piece reaches the opponent's back row, that piece becomes the king. The King can move forward and backward diagonally, enhancing movement and capture abilities.
  • Win condition: The game is won by capturing all of your opponent's pieces or placing them in a position where they cannot make any legal moves.

Remember, understanding and mastering these rules is essential to success in Checkers. But strategy and tactics also play an important role in achieving victory.

Checkers strategies and tips

To become a skilled Checkers player, you need to develop a solid strategy. Here are some tips that can help you on your way:

  • Central control: Attempts to establish central control of the board. This will limit your opponent's options and give you more capture opportunities.
  • Create a piece with a king: Make your piece a king whenever possible. The king has greater mobility and is more effective in capturing his opponent's pieces.
  • Plan ahead: Think a few steps ahead. Anticipate your opponent's moves and create opportunities for yourself by setting traps and forcing their troops into vulnerable positions.

Advanced strategy

Once you've mastered the basics, consider these advanced strategies to take your game to the next level:

  • Sacrifice to gain position: In some cases, strategically sacrificing a piece can result in an advantageous position or a king.
  • Keep Pressure: Maintain constant pressure on your opponent. Force them to make moves that benefit your position.
  • Endgame Mastery: Learn the intricacies of endgame situations, as this can be the key to securing victory when there are only a few pieces left on the board.


With knowledge of Checkers rules and a solid strategy in your arsenal, you're on your way to becoming a formidable player. Practice, study your opponents and always try to improve your skills. Checkers is a game of skill and with dedication and practice, you can achieve Checkers proficiency. Good luck!