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Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City takes you into the fascinating world of Cookies, this is an extremely idle clicking game, click and build your cookie city to grow big.

Start going to another island and click on the biggest cake there to create an unlimited number of smaller cakes. Take advantage of the cake you have built to update the area by collecting different architectural items that will assist you in developing a brand new modern metropolis using said cake. In essence, the furniture and architecture you purchase will assist you in multiplying the number of existing cakes by a huge factor. Be patient with time because it will greatly assist you in producing a large number of cakes and it will give you beautiful scenarios in the game if you do so.

The game's development is divided into five distinct parts. You have the ability to construct up to 18 different buildings to assist you in expanding your city and increasing production efficiency. There are around 600 different upgrades and 700 different achievements unlocked in this game. In addition, there are many interesting things to explore.

When you are playing the game, you should try to save cookies and maximize the number of cookies received with each click to earn more cookies. You can also get additional cookies by saving cookies.

Your goal in Cookie Clicker City

Click on the giant cookie in the middle of the screen to earn cookies. These cookies act as your currency, which you can use to expand your city and unlock various upgrades.

Build your city

As you earn more cookies, invest them in buying and upgrading buildings. Each building passively generates cookies, increasing your cookie production rate. Start with the basics like a cookie factory and work your way up to advanced structures.

Upgrade management

Keep an eye out for upgrades that enhance your cookie production. They can be found in the Upgrades menu. Choose your upgrades wisely as they can significantly increase your earnings.

Advanced strategies for Cookie Clicker City

Now that you've got the basics down, it's time to dive into some advanced strategies to excel in Cookie Clicker City:

  • Time-based strategy: Use time-based rewards and events to maximize your cookie production.
  • Events like Double Cookie Day and Golden Cookie Rain can significantly increase your earnings.
  • Prestige and legacy: After making significant progress, you will have the option to 'prestige' your city. Prestige allows you to start over with increasing your cookie production, making each subsequent run even more profitable. Building a legacy with prestige over and over will help you reach the later stages of the game faster.
  • Types of cookies: Experiment with different types of cookies. Some cookies may grant unique bonuses or enhance specific buildings. Collect rare and limited-time cookies to enhance your gaming experience.

How to play Cookie Clicker City

  • To start, you just need to click on the largest cake displayed on the screen and start clicking continuously.
  • To purchase the building of your choice, use the "House" option from the menu.
  • To improve, you must click on the arrow icon.
  • To check your city's achievements, click on the cup image.To play the game to your liking, select the wheel icon from the
  • menu.