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DEEEEE Simulator

DEEEEE Simulator game information

DEEEEE Simulator is an adventure and thrill game that puts you in the role of a deer with a neck that can be bent in any way. Let's see what it starts to do!

Game developer

Gibier Games developed this game.

The genre of the game DEEEEE Simulator

  • Simulation video game
  • Adventure game
  • Shooting games
  • Popular game

Discover the hidden secrets of the virtual world like DEEEER!

You still have 10 challenging stages to complete, and each stage will give you a unique set of goals that you must accomplish within a certain amount of time. However, before you embark on another crazy adventure, you need to make sure your character is improved by dressing them in Christmas costumes or other holiday-appropriate outfits. This should be done before you start your next crazy adventure. They will benefit from this. Additionally, you will have access to a separate mode that gives you absolute freedom to engage in any activity you choose!

This action-packed video game lets players ride bulls, kick people, steal cars, jump to the top of tall buildings, and more. At the same time ask them to complete interesting puzzles. Join in a lively dance or wave to the people who are cheerfully greeting you when you arrive. You may believe that you will feel happier after engaging in any of these two goals. Destroyed objects can deliver a variety of weapons, including everything from grenades to heavy machine guns, depending on the nature of the destruction. You'll need to add more weapons to your arsenal if you want to take down a giant panda sitting atop a skyscraper or a giant whale swimming through the air. Both of these enemies are very difficult to destroy. However, you should be aware that there is a team of law enforcement officers ready to hunt you down if you think you can create mayhem without facing any consequences for your actions.

If you succeed in overcoming them, you shouldn't celebrate yet because the bears will soon follow you in a police car, followed by adorable stuffed bunnies armed with sniper rifles. If you are successful in overcoming them, you should not rejoice yet. You should not rejoice even if you have succeeded in overcoming them even if you have succeeded. Letting yourself feel bored is not a good idea because you are probably already aware of this fact. Dive into this unfamiliar new field right away!


  • You can use WASD keys to move
  • Click to jump
  • Use the mouse to rotate directions
  • Click on the child to attack