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What game is is a fun and addictive online game, join the game and challenge your digging skills in a virtual world filled with treasures and challenges.

Join the game and learn the basics of the game so you can start your journey to becoming the best miner. Learn how to dig strategically, gather resources, and outwit your opponents to conquer the underground world of

Get started with

To start your digging adventure, you first need to register and create an account on Just visit the game's website and follow the on-screen prompts to sign up. Once you have your account, log in and get ready to start mining!

Choose your character

Before diving into, choose your character. Each character has unique abilities that can assist you in your mission. Some are better at digging, while others are better at fighting. Consider your play style and strategy when making your choice.

The art of digging

Digging is the heart of the game and mastering this skill is essential for success. Use mouse or keyboard controls to dig through underground terrain. Keep an eye on your energy bar, as over-digging can deplete it quickly. Collect gems, resources and power-ups as you dig deeper into the ground.

Strategic gameplay

Joining the game isn't just mindlessly digging; it's about strategy. Plan your digging route carefully to avoid obstacles and traps. Be on the lookout for rival miners who may try to steal your treasure or engage in combat. Use your resources wisely to craft tools and weapons that give you an edge in the game.

Game mode in

This game, like just fall includes many different gameplay options and is a multiplayer experience. Learn about the game modes as follows:

FFA mode: To dig as far as possible in this mode, you must control your saw blade. Also, remember to collect resources so you can expand. Being one of the bigger players requires caution as you can easily be taken down by them. It would be wise to avoid them.

TDM Mode: You will play in teams with other players in this game mode. To defeat bigger players, your team will cooperate.

TAG Mode: The gameplay of this game mode is comparable to the classic game Hide and Seek. You and the other two players will compete in this game mode. Dodger is a solo player. The remaining two players are searchers. You need to bury yourself as deep as possible if you are a wanted man. Try to avoid getting caught before time runs out. If you are a searcher, it is your responsibility to search everywhere to find the fugitive. Before another searcher can do so, you must locate the hider.

BR Mode: The goal of this game mode is to be the last person standing in the battle for survival. Chase smaller miners while avoiding larger miners.

MAZE Mode: In this game mode, the map is a maze. The maze must be dug around by you and other players. On the other hand, you must avoid using red resources because they reduce your health. White resources will help you improve your health while blue resources will help you get bigger and faster.


To play, you need to use a mouse.

With this guide, you are now equipped with the knowledge to successfully navigate the world of Remember, practice makes perfect, so continue to hone your mining skills and adjust your strategy as you gain experience. Whether you aim to reach the deepest depths or become the richest miner in the game, offers endless possibilities for entertainment and competition.