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Draw Climber

About Draw Climber

Draw Climber is a fun and simple game. Give your character legs so it can move through the different levels, then collect coins and power-ups.

It's time to train your climbing legs to tackle Draw Climber's levels, which are filled with a variety of obstacles. Because it lacks the necessary limbs, the cube has never been able to move. However, now that you're here with your magic feather, it's time to allow the cube to make some movements on its own. Can you complete each level and get the required number of coins to unlock different items?

Let's start this game now! You will need to come up with several different types of support so that the cube can pass the level as quickly as possible. These supports will change based on the challenges the cube will encounter. Additionally, the money you earn can be used to purchase skins for your cube, which can be found in the store. You can spend this money to buy skins for your cube.

How to play Draw Climber?

Draw your legs in the space provided, then figure out how far you can go using just your legs. In this one-of-a-kind online puzzle game with very relaxed gameplay mechanics, you need to collect coins to unlock new themes. Continue drawing more legs so you can complete each challenge.


You can use your mouse to draw feet or fingers. You can also click on the drawing area to erase your leg and draw a new leg if you want to change it.