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Draw Surfer

About Draw Surfer

Draw Surfer needs you to help the stickman reach the finish line quickly by drawing a line for him. Remember to collect stars and avoid obstacles along the way.

How to play?

Draw Surfer game with simple gameplay just need you to draw the path with your mouse or your finger if you play on mobile, bring the stickman to the finish line.

Complete missions through levels

In this fun and innovative game, the tried and true video game genre called obstacle course, you are tasked with designing the terrain in such a way that miniature surfers can slide across It. When playing this game, which is available for free on the internet, you will need to be quick and precise to create surfaces that will help your character pass the level and reach the goal. If you have enough experience, you can build a continuous line, and if you have enough capacity, you can even create ramps.

You are tasked with not only providing a lovely scene for the little stickman to stand in, but also preventing him from coming into contact with the floor, ceiling as well as a number of moving obstacles and traps, and ensuring that he collects stars along the way. Yes, here it is. Do you think you will be able to pass all the levels and get three stars in each level? Then quickly complete the different levels of the game. Each level has its own fun and challenges, so pay attention to your drawing lines. Playing Draw Surfer will definitely be an interesting experience for you.