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Drawer Super Racer

About Drawer Super Racer

Drawer Super Racer needs you to meet the speed in a unique and exciting racing game. Gives you a suitable pair of legs to race against other competitors.

In Drawer Super Racer, players have the unprecedented ability to design their own racetracks, bringing a personalized touch to the gaming experience. Similar to the game just fall you need to compete with your opponents to win. Draw your legs if you want to be ahead in the race. Make sure every piece of art you look at inspires you to run. You can gather the power of a newly spawned superpower and use it to call another superpower into existence if you hold it after it spawns. (Leap Forward, Increase Speed, Accelerate Engine) You should also remember that if you feel stuck in a situation, you can always switch to another form to free yourself.

Specific instructions

Use your mouse to design your legs.

The game introduces power-ups that grant temporary superpowers, allowing you to redraw your legs to gain specific advantages. Embrace these strengths and use them strategically for maximum impact:

How to speed up

  • When Acceleration Boost powers up, redraw your legs with streamlined, rocket-like features.
  • Experience explosive speed, leave rivals in the dust and cover ground faster than ever.
  • Use the Accelerator Stride power-up to draw the legs with energy lines and a propeller-like shape.
  • Enjoy quicker acceleration and a quick burst of speed, propelling you forward.
  • As the Big Jump's Elevation power-up is underway, outline the legs with springs or flexible, elongated shapes.
  • Gain incredible heights with every step, jump over obstacles and access new shortcuts.

Some tips when participating

  • If you find yourself hindered by barriers, draw a strong, solid shape to break through.
  • Reinforce your creative racing strategy by overcoming obstacles with well-placed sprites.
  • Encountered a gap in your path? Draw a bridge-like structure to navigate across it.
  • Make sure your creativity extends beyond your feet, using complementary shapes to create shortcuts and maintain momentum.

In Drawer Super Racer, victory is not just about speed; it's about unleashing your creativity on the track. Draw legs strategically, utilize power-ups wisely, and overcome obstacles with inventive shapes to secure your place as the ultimate racer. Ready, set, draw your way to the finish line!