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Happy Glass


Happy Glass is a puzzle game that revolves around filling glasses with water. Your goal is to draw lines or shapes to direct the flow of water into the glass.

This is a fun game with simple visuals, pleasant sounds, and simple controls. The game consists of several distinct stages, with more difficult questions appearing as you progress. To fill the cup with water and grin, you should draw as few lines as possible. To create logical and useful lines, you must apply logic and physics. To add variety and richness, you can change the color and shape of the cup.

How to play Happy Glass

You can use your mouse or finger to draw, then click the erase or play button to clear the line or retry the level.

Drawing strategy

In Happy Glass, your drawing skills play an important role in solving puzzles effectively. Here are some drawing strategies to enhance your gameplay:

  • Contour control: Use contour lines to guide the path of water. Draw lines along the edges of the screen or create barriers to control the flow.
  • Precision matters: At some levels, precision is everything. Draw as precisely as possible to get the water exactly where you want it.
  • Think Ahead: Plan your drawing in advance. Anticipate how the water will flow and be ready to adjust if needed.

Experiment to be more successful

Don't be afraid to experiment with your drawings. Happy Glass levels often have multiple solutions. Try different shapes and lines to find the most effective way to fill the glass. Learning from your mistakes is part of the fun.

Some tips to help you

  • Gravity: Water flows according to gravity, so keep this in mind when drawing the line.
  • Ink Limit: You have a limited amount of ink to use in each level. Using ink effectively is important.
  • Stars and levels: You earn stars by successfully filling cups. Collect stars to unlock new levels and challenges.
  • For each level's goal, you should create lines of appropriate length and form. To create different effects, such as pushing, pulling, rotating, or bouncing, you can draw different lines.
  • To learn how to pipe water into a cup, take advantage of what's on the game screen. To move, spin, or make an item fall, you can draw on it. This will lead to new firing lines.

Some levels in Happy Glass can be quite challenging but perseverance will pay off. If you're having trouble with a level, take a break and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. The more you practice, the more complex puzzles you will be able to solve.