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Metal Army War 3

About Metal Army War 3

Metal Army War 3 is a famous action game with a fascinating and interesting storyline. Join and defend the earth, against advanced enemies by different means.

The third installment of the Metal Army War video game series has been in development since the first two installments of the series were really well received. This doesn't surprise us at least, as we know well that two-player action and adventure games that include shooting and combat are great on these games. their own, which is even more important as they have to face future warriors, robots, aliens and a large number of opponents and enemies of their kind!

Our heroes are on vacation when a new army of enemies falls to Earth with the intention of destroying it along with vehicles, such as attack shuttles, AI robots or even airplanes Driverless. These vehicles are being controlled by drones. Once again, you need to fight these enemies, stay away from their traps, and free those captured by them, all of which are quests that can only be completed with a cooperative effort.

Collect items

You can improve your gear, upgrades, and weapons by buying them from the market after you've collected all the metal things you find throughout the levels.

Weapon Upgrade

Eliminate enemies, wipe out traps and free those captured to succeed in this mission. The metal resources you acquire throughout the levels can be used to improve both your weapons and health bars. To do this, make sure you stop by the Market after completing each level.

How to control the game?

Player Control 1:

  • Move = WASD
  • Hit = C (Can hold longer for a strong hit)
  • Grenades = DRAW
  • Jump = W
  • Swap weapons = Q+E
  • Special attack = Q+E (Press when SP bar maxed)
  • Reload = X

Player Control 2:

  • Move = ARROW KEYS
  • Hit = L (Can hold longer for a strong hit)
  • Grenades = CZK
  • Jump = Up Arrow Key
  • Weapon Switch = O-P
  • Special Attack = O+P (Pressed when SP bar is maxed)
  • Ammo reload = J

If you get lost, there's always a chance to find your way back. To open the MAP, use the 'SPACE' button.