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Game information

PiratePop is a classic elimination game designed for players of all ages. Learn the rules of the game and the exciting item system and pop colored bubbles.

Start by creating your unique pirate captain and set sail on a colorful journey of destruction. Customize your appearance, your captain's name, and choose a trustworthy first mate who will accompany you on your bubble-busting journey.

PiratePop's basic gameplay

In PiratePop, your task is to control a shooter that emits colorful bubbles. Connect three or more bubbles of the same color to remove them. However, be careful because these bubbles will move slowly towards the bottom boundary. If they hit bottom, your pirate adventure will be over.

Combos and power-ups

To become a real bubble legend, create combos by combining multiple sets of bubbles at the same time. This unleashes powerful special attacks, making your ability to burst bubbles all the more satisfying. Keep an eye out for power-ups like explosive barrels and giant bubbles that can turn the situation in your favor.

Colorful level design

PiratePop's intricately designed and colorful levels are both visually impressive and challenging. As you progress, you will encounter new and exciting obstacles that require smart strategy and precise bubble shooting.

Introducing the item system

The introduction of an item system adds more depth to the gameplay. Collect and use items strategically to overcome difficult levels and defeat fearsome enemies. It's your pirate toolkit for success.

Challenge yourself and compete

PiratePop offers a variety of modes and events to test your bubble bursting skills. Challenge yourself with timed levels, special targets and compete with other players on the global leaderboard to prove you are the ultimate bubble shooter captain.

Endless adventure

Embark on an endless adventure filled with puzzles, treasures, and ever-increasing challenges. As you progress, your skills will become sharper and your pirate captain will rise to new heights.

This is more than just a game; It's a thrilling ride through a world of bubbles and treasures. Are you ready to take control of your shooter, pop colorful bubbles and rise to the top of the pirate ranks? Join the bubble removal tour and explore the fascinating world of PiratePop!