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Smile Cube

About Smile Cube

Smile Cube is addictive entertainment game. Your task is to click delete blocks when you have created a row with two or more blocks and delete them.

Will you be the smartest person in the room and clear the screen of all the blocks until it is completely empty? While it may seem simple, gaining extra points requires a level of attention to detail, patience, and perseverance that not everyone has. If you fail to remove a block, it will turn into a stone and the next game will act as a barrier for you to overcome. For a good experience, you will need to pass five different levels. The luckiest!

Game mechanics

Play the popular puzzle and entertainment game called Smile Cube, in which you have to remove blocks from the game by grouping them by color. If you want to blow blocks into pieces, you will need at least two identical blocks. At its core, the Smile Cube revolves around manipulating a three-dimensional cube, each face of which presents a distinct challenge. Players embark on a journey to restore smiles to the various characters that inhabit the cube. To achieve this, players must solve a series of puzzles and complete tasks ranging from pattern recognition to strategic thinking. The cube responds to player interaction, resulting in a dynamic gameplay experience that encourages experimentation and exploration.

Game control

You use the mouse and start clicking.