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Trevor VII

About Trevor VII

Trevor VII is a thrilling game where you take part in street shooting missions. Trade with opponents and earn money, complete different challenges.

Your path to becoming the most feared gangster in the area will require you to participate in street races, earn money, and eliminate every opponent you encounter along the way. The main character of this video game is a former mixed martial arts competitor who is now the leader of a street gang in Mad City. Your main strategy is to launch multiple attacks against gansta territory to increase your level of control over the entire city.

Actions are allowed

You have the right to engage in behavior that directly contradicts all commonly accepted norms when you are in the open world. For example, you can kill innocent bystanders or your opponents, steal cars, engage in amazing battles even with the police, and buy a sniper gun in an attempt to become the best. The best first person sniper possible. All of these are possible.

Perform in-game quests

Reach the top, get everything you want to build your underworld legend, including a huge fleet of cars, motorbikes and boats! Your main enemies are lawbreakers who will never be sent to jail, they will constantly launch attacks against you and your people, bribe the government and sabotage your business. Friend. All they needed to do was take some armor and a few hundred crates and throw them over the edge of the cliff. The enhanced visuals in the game turn MC Crime into a vibrant and busy metropolis that will overwhelm you just like when you look at a real city, where both life and bad things are happening in full force. strong.

This will happen the same way it will happen if you look at a city in which both life and evil are going strong. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of countless New Year holiday seasons if you complete narrative objectives located in different areas of the city. At the same time, you will be able to appreciate the game's realistic images of the city in winter. Capture all your competitors, strive to establish yourself as a leader in the criminal underworld and in no case give less powerful groups a chance to compete with you.

Instructions on how to play

  • Press 12 = switch weapons. "
  • Mouse = look, shoot, aim and switch weapons.
  • Space = Jump.
  • Use "E" key = sit down or get off the bus.
  • The letters WASD = move or "drive".
  • Use "P" key = pause.
  • Press shift = rearview mirror.
  • Use "V" key = switch car camera.
  • Use the "U"= key to open the parachute.