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Zombie Parade Defense

Game description

Zombie Parade Defense is a competitive fighting game for two players. Protecting your construction from zombies attacking from all sides is your mission. This defense game can be played by one or two players at the same time. Each power-up will cause the zombie's stats to increase. Because of this, you can improve your weapons using power-ups. In games with one or two players, the goal is to engage zombies located a significant distance from your base of operations. If you can avoid being attacked for 10 consecutive turns, you've won the game!

It is imperative that you protect the building from the attacking zombies. The zombies are progressing to a more dangerous state with each wave. Because of this, you need to take advantage of your power and strengthen your weapons as much as possible. The goal of the game, regardless of whether played with one or two players, is to expel zombies from the structure. You have won the game if you overcome a total of 10 waves of enemies.

Play game

Player 1:

  • Use the keys "W,A,S,D" as movement commands
  • The "Q" key is used to switch guns
  • Entering and exiting the Base: "F"

Player 2:

  • To play, use arrow keys = move
  • Then use the "P" KEY to switch weapons
  • Press "L" to enter and exit the base

The "MOUSE" button is used to activate weapons and power-ups in this game.

In short, this is a fun game that you can play anytime alone or with friends for free on our website. Join and defend the base from countless zombies that appear. The game is highly appreciated for its gameplay and graphics. If you want to play a game with similar gameplay, check out: just fall game, where you need to help your penguin survive on the ice. Have fun!