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Zombie Parade Defense 2

Game information

Zombie Parade Defense 2 takes you on a journey to continue fighting zombies, this time you will join a 3rd player with the task of protecting your tower.

The second volume of the Zombie Parade Defense series is titled Zombie Parade Defense 2, and it is the next game in the series. Even if the zombies in the new game are stronger, the game can still be played with up to three players at the same time. Similar to before, each new wave of zombies is more dangerous than the previous one. You will need to use a variety of weapons, turrets, mines, shields and bonuses to defeat them and end their threat. The zombies must be chased out of the building to win the game, and this objective must be completed regardless of the number of players involved (one, two, or three). If you can survive all 10 waves of the game, you will be declared the winner.

Due to the fact that the zombie hordes in this series are much more dangerous, a third player will be introduced. Like previous rounds, subsequent waves of zombies will increase their overall strength. To avoid being attacked by them, you will need to use a variety of tools, such as guns, towers, mines, screens, and bonuses. The aim of the game is to prevent zombies from leaving the location, and this can be done by one player or by a group of three or more. You have successfully completed the game if you can pass all 10 waves without being eliminated.

How to play the game

Player 1

  • Move = WASD
  • Q = Change guns
  • E = Enter/exit facility

Player 2

  • Move = Arrow keys
  • In/out base = 'L'

Player 3

  • Use the Y/G/H/L keys to move
  • Switch gun = 'T'
  • In/out base = 'U'
  • Activate Weapon and Power Up = Mouse